Elevate Your Decorating Skills for the Holidays with Two Tier Trays

Elevate Your Decorating Skills for the Holidays with Two Tier Trays

Are you asking yourself...

"Where do I use a Two Tier Tray?"

The options are endless! These Two Tier Trays are designed to match any style in your home. Whether your aesthetic is Country Chic, Free-Spirit Bohemian, Farmhouse, or Minimalist, these are made just for you!

Here are some ideas for you to use in your home!

Fill your tier tray with meaningful knick-knacks that you've collected over the years and keep it close in your bedroom. This is the perfect place to keep those tiny little rocks your kids find for you, or the glass figurine you found in Paris during last year's anniversary trip. The items you want to see every day, but are too fragile to be in high-traffic areas in the house.

 Let the holiday décor explode all over your tray and show it off in the living room. This is such a fun way to add a lot of different colors, festive spheres, holiday characters, and greenery in a small space. Tucked in a corner or front and center on your mantel, it'll look amazing anywhere!

Use both trays for serving dessert and offer your party guests more treats than they can eat! This look will elevate your buffet bar and show off the different desserts your guests have to choose from. 

In my home, we love to use the Two Tier Tray as our Hot Chocolate bar during the winter and fill it with marshmallows, candy canes, toffy, and anything else that can be mixed in your warm cup of happiness! This is such a fun way to make everyday used foods and items easily accessible and stay organized.

Be practical and organized with your Two Tier Tray in the bathroom to keep your night and morning routine thoroughly organized. The top tray can be for your scented candle to keep the bathroom smelling nice. Arrange your facewash, moisturizer and cotton balls nicely on the bottom tray so you know exactly where everything is when need it.


Whatever you're in need of, a Two Tier Tray is the answer for you! Show us how you decorate your trays and tag us on social media. 

Each Tier Tray is carefully inspected by the Hive and Home staff to make sure that the quality lives up to our high standards.

Included in each box are step-by-step instructions so you can learn how to easily assemble your tray. You can put them together and take them apart when you are ready to store your tray away for a season, but why would you ever do that!?

You won't find better quality anywhere else!