Filling your Cup and Heart

Filling your Cup and Heart

You love to provide the safe haven, the gathering place and you nurture all who you come into contact with. You’re the cheerleader, the one who brightens the day when someone you love is down. You’re intuitive and observant and do all you can to serve and uplift others. You probably don’t even know how amazing you are, so today I’m here to tell you. You are a light to those around you. You make a huge difference in the world! Thank you for all you do! The world needs more women like you!  

I honor you and your tireless efforts to make positive lasting changes in the lives of those around you. Your work does not go unnoticed. Thank you for being the beautiful soul you are! Remember, in all of your efforts to fill others cups be sure you are taking the time needed to refill your own, too. 


Here are a few Tips to Practice Balance and Self Care: 

Commit to yourself to take even just a few minutes each day to care for yourself and your cup will be refilled so you can continue to fill others cups.



    Find a quiet spot and simply sit. Listen. Breathe. 

    Read the scriptures, meditate or pray. Connect with yourself and God. 


        Journaling can be a powerful tool to process thoughts and emotions. 
        Light a candle, grab a book and take a relaxing bath.


        Call a friend, do a craft or try a new recipe! Sometimes changing up your day to day routine with an old interest or hobby is so fun, especially during winter months. 
        Other simple but powerful options involve movement!  Some kind of  physical activity; walk, jogging, or yoga on a daily basis even for a few minute can make the world of difference. Movement is such an easy way to boost your spirit and release endorphins.  


          “Every one of us needs to show how much we care for each other and, in the process, care for ourselves.”— Princess Diana 

          This little bit of time with yourself will allow you to re-center, and you will feel rejuvenated again. We hope you find some time this weekend to focus on yourself and fill your cup and heart.

          The Hive and Home Family