Focus on Building Relationships This Year

Focus on Building Relationships This Year

Is your heart aching for special family time this holiday season? You can get all the family time your heart desires while creating a beautiful candle at home! Gather your loved ones in the kitchen to bond over your love of quality time and making something with your own two hands.
While the boys are watching the big football game this Thanksgiving, bring the girls together to reconnect, laugh, and enjoy time together! Get out your Candle Making DIY Kit and start making candles together. Spending this time together, while being creative, will create stronger bonds and lasting memories that will stay with you forever!
Your kids are going stir-crazy in the house because it's too cold to play outside. Get their creative juices flowing and help them learn a new skill! You and your kids can become expert candle makers at home with these simple DIY Kits. Make a special candle together as a family to show off in your home, or gift it to Grandma for Christmas and add a note stating that it was actually made with love️️! ️️


Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a candle?

Now you can learn in your own home! The Hive & Home Candle Making DIY Kits come with all of the raw ingredients you need to make the popular Dough Bowl Candles you already know and love. 

Each DIY Candle Making Kit Includes:

1 Dough Bowl Candle Vessel
1 Small Wood Spoon (not as shown in pictures)
Cotton Wicks
Wick Stickers (to stick the wicks to your candle vessel)
Clean Fragrance Oil

Step By Step Instructions

Every month my sisters and I get together for a Craft Day. This month was my turn to choose the craft, and we all got together for candle making and brunch. We laughed and talked while our hands were busy making these beautiful candles. My apartment smelled AMAZING for the rest of the weekend! 😍 It was so simple and we all thought it was the perfect activity!

- Heather C.