How to Style a Tiered Tray

How to Style a Tiered Tray

One of the things I get asked the most is "how the heck do you style a tiered tray?". Let me tell you some reasons why I love my tiered trays and I'll tell you how I do it. First off, they are one of my favorite ways to decorate my home! They are super versatile and easy to change depending on the season or holiday. I use them in my kitchen just to add something really beautiful to my countertops, and in my bathrooms for decorative storage. Once you figure out the tricks to designing your perfect tray, you'll never go back to not having one in your home! Now onto how I do it.



There are so many trays to choose from that sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming! Thankfully since there are so many, there's sure to be at least one that will suit your decor aesthetic and desired look. I personally love white trays since I feel like they go with anything and everything! They are so easy to change up for a new season or new holiday, so I love their versatility.

For this example of tray styling, I'm using one that we just so happen to carry in our shop! It's our rustic metal handle, three tier tray in a distressed white for that authentic farmhouse feel.



Once you're ready to decorate your tray, I find it easiest to start with a central theme that I like. This makes it easier to choose the items you want to include! Your theme could be as simple as the season you're currently in or an upcoming holiday. For this tray, we were drawn to a particular idea; home!

For this project, I decided to center my theme around some of my cutest pieces. I love these little houses and think they are adorable as well as comforting. I also added in the "smile" shelf sitter for a personal reminder to have a good day and be happy! Who doesn't need that reminder sometimes, right?

With a theme in mind, you can more easily choose focal pieces that fit your particular vision.




After you've decided on a theme and the main pieces of your tray, it's time to add in greenery! I love using natural elements to add some life into my home, and they look especially great in trays.

Though you picked a main theme, now is a great time to let out some creative expression. Choose accents that really speak to you and complement your desired vision. This process is all about you and letting you create a masterpiece for your home in whatever way you want!

Some great places to get greenery and floral accents for your trays are amazon or home good stores near you! I personally love Tj Maxx for small faux plants to squeeze into my trays.


Now all thats left is filling in those extra empty spaces with complementary accessories that help you highlight your main pieces and close up empty space!

For my tray I decided to stick with neutral, cozy colors alongside my focal points and greenery to keep that comfy feel going. I love using the small woven balls for filler, as you can see on the top. They are a great way to add something that feels natural while also adding something unique.

These finishing steps can be done anyway that you feel looks best for you! Again, Amazon and your local home goods stores are great places to get filler items for your finishing touches!

Thanks so much for checking out our fun tray styling tips! Above are a few more views of my finished tray, and I love how it turned out! I hope these tips and steps have given you the inspiration and help to try a tiered tray in your own home, using your own unique flair. They really are so fun to create and they are such an easy way to add some spirit to your home.