Introducing Fall's Favorite Matte Glass Candle!

Introducing Fall's Favorite Matte Glass Candle!

Fully in the Autumn Spirit!

Celebrate Autumn with these elegant glass candles. The bold matte finish and festive ribbon will elevate the style and feel of your living space. If you're like me, you're in the full swing of Fall and changing up your home to be the coziest it's been all year! Nothing is better than lighting a scented candle, cuddling up with your hubby, and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and pumpkin cookies.
This year Hive & Home released 5 NEW Fall Fragrances and we are truly obsessed with them! We worked together to come up with the scent names to perfectly describe what we envision when we smell them. I'm excited for you to sample them for yourself! 
My favorite scent this season is called "Cozy Nights". This scent smells of crisp, spicy citrus scent of Mandarin orange intertwines with the aromatic tonalitites of thyme and the invigorating notes of dry black pepper. Golden amberwood and the fresh aroma of autumn air. It's a sexy blend of fragrances that everyone in your household will love!


Start using small details in your decorating! 

NEW Mini Charcuterie Boards

Do you know that feeling when you find that perfect decoration piece that you can't live without? The item that you never knew you needed, but when you find it you think of 35+ different ways you can use it in your home. That's how I felt when I found these adorable Mini Charcuterie Boards!

Not only are these mini boards perfect for displaying your newest Hive & Home Glass Candle, but they can be used for SO MUCH MORE! 

Imagine using them as coasters on your coffee table. Or serving hors d'oeuvres and snacks at your next family party. My girls would have loved to use these for their tea parties when they were younger and use them with their dolls. You can style them in any room during any holiday season! The options are endless.