Make your MAY more Meaningful... Try a Kid-Friendly DIY project!

Make your MAY more Meaningful... Try a Kid-Friendly DIY project!

The month of May can be such a busy time of year for many. With so much going on, at times it can be overwhelming and homes can feel disconnected with the chaos. This May, we want to offer you a mindset shift to– how can we make the month of May more meaningful personally, and within the home and family. Spending time with those we love is at the top of our list on how to cultivate connection.

Watch this short video on how to create an experience and go about doing a Hive and Home DIY Kit! 

Our Hive and Home DIY Kits are a way to enhance the experience of creating a gathering place for family and friends. It’s a simple project that you won’t want to throw away. It’s the perfect activity to incorporate into an afternoon and it’s easy enough you can involve your kids or grandkids to make it that much more meaningful! Spending time together trying something new adds an extra layer of creativity and engagement to the day. Now that school is almost over, it’s the perfect activity to have on hand. Here's how you can do it:


Explore the Hive and Home DIY Kit: Our kits include all the necessary materials and instructions for making unique and decorative candles. They may come with different types of wax, molds, wicks, and even additional embellishments like fragrance oils, or decorative elements depending on the season.  All of the ingredients are natural and will burn clean. Plus, it comes with our favorite 100% Soy Wax. 


Customize the kit for the grandkids: Consider who you’d like to do the project with. Nothing feels better than knowing you chose something with intention. Maybe your little helper loves Dole Whip, this candle will light up a room with a fragrance you cannot believe. Personalize the DIY kit by selecting options that align with the interests and preferences of the child. Consider their favorite colors, scents, or shapes when choosing the wax, molds, and other materials. This customization will make the activity even more exciting and meaningful for them.


Set up the DIY kit stations: Organize individual workstations for each grandkid and their chosen adult partner, ensuring they have all the materials ready to go and can be quick to assemble together. Remember, kids love to be involved and to be seen as a “big helper”. Give them the opportunity to be responsible and depended upon. This builds trust and allows them the opportunity to lead. Or have a teen you’re trying to connect with? Sometimes allowing room for them to show up and be heard is all it takes. 

Follow the kit instructions: It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Follow the process step-by-step, provided in the DIY kit. Explain the various techniques and safety precautions as they embark on their first of many, candle-making journeys. Encourage them to ask questions and express their creativity during the process. Watch their imagination run wild depending on the fragrance you choose. We have limited edition scents options like: Beach Bonfire, Dole Whip, and Sunset Stroll. Scents so specific you could visualize really being there together. Choose from over 25+ scent options available with any DIY Kit here

Share and compare creations: Once the candles are complete, gather together and have a sharing session where each person can showcase their unique creations. Discuss the different designs, colors, and scents they chose and the inspiration behind their choices. This sharing session fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment among the little ones. See where your discussion goes! Take the opportunity to laugh, connect and tackle topics you may not have otherwise.


Display the hive of creations: Arrange the handmade candles in a hive-like display, where each candle represents a unique contribution from each grandkid. This display can serve as a beautiful centerpiece or be placed in a designated area for everyone to admire. Take a moment to celebrate the collective creativity and the memories made during the DIY candle craft project.

By incorporating the Hive and Home DIY Kit, you provide a structured yet customizable approach to candle making, allowing everyone a space to explore their creativity while working on their own individual masterpieces. We want to see what you create together! Share with us on social media and tag us @hiveandhomeshop. We can’t wait to see it!