One Hole Cheese Mold Candle

One Hole Cheese Mold Candle

One Hole Cheese Molds are a charming addition to any home. Classic, Farmhouse Chic, French-inspired, or even the man cave! Timeless and classic, these candles will light up any room and help your home smell amazing.

All of the wooden Cheese Mold candle vessels are handmade to give a rustic Farmhouse style. Some bowls may have knots, holes, knife marks, minor cracks, or sap marks. These are a natural part of the bowl that we love to highlight and embrace since our bowls are made from raw Spanish Oakwood.  This makes each bowl unique with its own character.

Bring the outdoor elements into your home with wooden dough bowl candles. These candles are perfect to dress up for those fancy holiday parties or dress down for a fun family game night. The cozy feel of these candles will make you want to light them every night as you settle into your home.

If you're looking for something even more unique, the One Hole Cheese Mold candles come in Black or White as well! These candles are truly the three best friends you wish you had. Get the color that is perfect for the occasion! 

Remember your candle is REFILLABLE! 

We know how much you simply love your One Hole Cheese Mold Candle. You want to light it every day so you can enjoy the benefits of the soy wax and allow the fragrance to travel throughout your home. When you burn your One Hole Cheese Mold candle properly, you will get at least 29 hours of burn time. That's a lot from such a little candle!

Once your candle has burned down completely, you can follow the Refill Kit instructions and make a new candle at home! Pick from 40+ popular Hive & Home fragrances. Select a scent you already know and love, or try something new! You can order your Refill Kit HERE!

Do you LOVE the One Hole Cheese Mold Candle, but looking for something more extravagant? We have the perfect candle for you!

There are three different sizes of Cheese Mold Candles! You can get the One Hole, Three Hole or Five Hole! There is a perfect size candle for every place in the house. These one-of-a-kind candles will truly be a show-stopper at all of your holiday parties this year! What size are you going to order?


We hope you love the Cheese Mold Candles as much as we do!