Thank You for Your Support... We Have a Little Something for You!

Thank You for Your Support... We Have a Little Something for You!

We want to thank you for your continued support of our small business. You may not completely understand what your support means to us. So I want to let you know a little about behind the scenes.
Joe & I purchased Hive & Home in August 2022. We moved our family from our home of 22 years in Arizona and moved about 13 hours away, leaving behind family, dear friends, teachers, church family, and a community we still love. Our kids have adjusted although it's been hard... I totally feel for them. It's always hard saying goodbye to what we've known forever. And to make it worse, we left in a very short timeframe and didn't get a chance to say goodbye to many people we so dearly love. BUT, we knew this is what the Lord was directing us to do, so we listened to that little voice and here we are! We love the Hive & Home community! We love this business and what it stands for. We love you!
We've definitely experienced some growing pains as we've settled into our new area, learned the "ropes" of a business that's completely new to us, and as we navigate our way forward. But we have learned so much! We've learned to really rely on each other and especially the Lord on a deeper level. We're trusting His word and His timing. We're so blessed to have this amazing opportunity.
At this point in time, we employ 10 other amazing people. We love our team! We couldn't serve you without them. Your support matters immeasurably to not only the support of our team but to our morale and so much more! YOU are amazing! YOU are the reason we show up each day and work our hardest to make everything happen.
Thank you for supporting our small business!
As a way of saying thank you, we want to pay it forward and share some of our favorite women-owned small businesses with you. We've teamed up with 28 other small businesses to give you a FREE 2022 Small Business Best Gifts Guide. You can download the PDF gift guide and scroll through the fun products offered. One of the most fun parts is the story that weaves through each page, it's designed after the popular Christmas story " 'Twas the Night Before Chirstmas". I'm sure you'll love it! 
Once again, with gratitude in our hearts, we want to say thank you for supporting our small business! It means more to us than you may ever fully comprehend. And we love you!