The BIG Christmas To Do List

The BIG Christmas To Do List

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by the holidays? Do you find yourself having a hundred things to do and don't know where to start? Well, we have you back!

Between the family parties, gift shopping, and organizing family pictures. There is SO MUCH to do! Do yourself a favor this year and sit down, take a deep breath, and get organized. Make a To-Do list of everything you need to get done. Then you will continue forward into the busy holiday season with excitement and a well-thought-out plan.
We have found the perfect free printable Christmas To-Do List by The Worthey Life blog and we're sharing it with you. The creator, Tatanisha, lists every little detail of what can be done so you don't miss a thing! 
Find it on our website HERE and download it for FREE today! There is a list perfect for everyone. Get the list pre-made for you, OR customize your own list on the blank lines shown on page two. Happy planning!