The Favorite One-Of-A-Kind Candle of the Season

The Favorite One-Of-A-Kind Candle of the Season

You've seen it here first, folks! This limited-time Tree-shaped Dough Bowl Candle is charming and unique. You won't find anything else like it! Your guest will be amazed by your new Hive & Home candle!
Candles make for the best housewarming gift all year long! Now that the holidays are upon us, there will be family reunions, church gatherings, and annual celebrations to attend. Don't show up empty handed and take a Tree Dough Bowl Candle as a Thank You gift for the host!
These unique candles are ready to welcome the Winter Festivities in your home! You'll love the Winter-theme fragrances and the atmosphere created with these adorable farmhouse dough bowls.
Each candle is carefully hand-poured and made to order. We use our premium Soy & Coconut wax, completely vegan and made in the USA. We use 100% cotton wicks and clean fragrances to ensure you get the cleanest and safest burn in your home.

New Christmas Mountain Fragrance

Reminiscent of traditional drives through snowy mountains at Christmas time to choose your tree. The tips of your nose and ears are cold, but mom pulls you in close to keep you warm. You instantly feel toasty and comforted by her love.

Your family is tracking through the snow to find the perfect tree to bring home to decorate. The scene of tall snow-covered mountains and fluffy trees is exciting because that means Christmas is back. The scents of Cypress, Cedarwood, and Fir pines blend together to create this core memory. Mixed in with earthy tones like light moss and Amber. These are the holiday memories you will never forget!

Take the time to be more sentimental this year! 

A wonderful holiday tradition is to sit as a family and make a list of all the wonderful people in your life to whom you want to send a Christmas Card! Grandma, your school teacher, friends from church, or the neighbors down the road. Anyone and everyone!
️Once you have your list ready and you've checked it twice, get out the craft paper, stickers, and watercolor and make your own Christmas Cards! Take time to think of what the recipient will enjoy and hand-make it with love. ️
And pssst!! Moms and dads... Don't forget to make photocopies or take pictures of the masterpieces your kids create! They will be so fun to look back on in years to come.😊