The New Magical Moments Candle Collection

The New Magical Moments Candle Collection

Add to your Disney Collection and collect your childhood memories in a scented candle!
Curated that will take you right back to the Happiest in the world!
Everyone here at Hive & Home Shop is SO excited to announce the first series of our newest candle collection!
Relive the magic at home when you burn these new Magical Moments Candles. Remember how you felt the first time you saw the Magical Castle?
And the first Dole Whip You Ever Had?
Main Street treats are captured in an 8-ounce candle so you can experience the Happiest Place on Earth every day! 
These candles make the perfect gift for any Disney lover or are a fun way to announce to your kids that you're going on a Disney Vacation. Each scent has been carefully created to resemble your childhood memories! Order your new magical candle today and feel like you're standing in the magic of Disney!

There is always some magic for everyone!

From visiting the famous Princess Castle to eating a scrumptious Mickey Raspberry Macaron. Whether you enjoy riding on the fastest roller coaster or getting drenched with water, there is excitement in every event and within every scented candle!
Pick the perfect scent to bring you joy and help you remember some of the most fun times in your life!