Boho Dough Bowl Collection

Now you can enjoy 2 styles of your favorite Hive & Home Dough Bowls.

The Boho Collection is made from Acacia wood. With a light golden hue and smooth sides, the Boho bowl is soon to be a new favorite addition to your home. Acacia is a very hard wood that will last forever. Just like all of our Dough bowls, the Boho bowl can be repurposed for decoration. fruits and vegetables, or refilled with a refill kit so that you have a new candle once your candle has burned out.

Look at all of our styles--you will love them! 

Candles are hand poured and can take 5-7 business days to be made.

Bowls are made of a natural wood product. After time, they can sometimes dry out or crack. Although this is rare, we want to guarantee your dough bowl for 4 months for you.

 Make sure to check out our Refill Of The Month. This is a monthly subscription that allows you to refill your dough bowl each month with an exclusive fragrance. As an added bonus, you will receive a new bowl every four months and you will also receive 2 free wax melts with every pound of refill you receive.


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