Farmhouse Three Tier Tray (two color options)

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Farmhouse three tier tray in white and brown. Our trays are great for decorating your home, whether it be for a holiday, summer refreshments, or stylish decoration! These trays are easy to take apart, making them easy to store when they aren't being used to spice up your living space.

Approximately 26" tall, bottom tray 14.75" diameter, 12.75" diameter, 9.75"  diameter

(Brown two tier tray photo for color reference only) 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
I love my three tiered tray!

This tray was so fun to curate with objects from different artists on etsy! It looks gorgeous in the middle of our dining table. Thank you!

Pretty Tray

Ordered my tray and anxiously awaited its arrival. Took a while to ship but I didn’t mind waiting because I couldn’t find a tray this big in any local stores, I prefer supporting small businesses anyway. I started piecing together items for my tray at stores like Hobby Lobby. I picked a few staple pieces that I will keep on it, but I also picked some seasonal favorites. I plan to decorate seasonally. I love how large the 3 tier tray is. I love the white but I ended up going with brown because I put this on my kitchen table which is white. Looks super cute, I wish we could submit photos with our reviews.

Not what I expected in Size or quality.

I had a hard time getting it put together, and when it was together... it was crooked and seemed unstable no matter what I did to it. I expected it to be more sturdy. Also, it’s too big. I thought it would be smaller but I have to admit that I didn’t read the measurements before I ordered it.

Three tier tray

I love this tray. It is good quality and so pretty!

Disappointing Quality

I’m disappointed in this tray for a variety of reasons. The wood is very lightweight and the circular trim around each tiered tray does not match up. The screw does not tighten enough to tightly hold the pieces together which means the trays spin and are not sturdy at all. So disappointing after all of the hype in the How Does She Facebook group.

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