Limited Time Create Your Own Custom Scent

Join the fun and create your very own custom candle fragrance! Your one-of-a-kind scented candle will be a beautiful statement piece in your home, AND you can show off the fact that you created the scent yourself! Your family and friends will be in awe that you designed a wonderful smelling fragrance!

How This Works!

1. Start by picking your favorite candle style!

2. You will see multiple scent categories that will have two different types of scents to pick from. Citrus OR Fruity, Woodsy OR Floral, Summer OR Fall... Select from each category that you are most attracted to.

3. Add Additional Notes that we need to know! Do you loooove the scents of sandalwood or orange? LET US KNOW! Do you absolutely hate vanilla? LET US KNOW! Please provide any important information so your candle comes out perfectly.

4. Once you choose 1 from each category, add the candle to your cart and continue to checkout!

5. The Hive & Home Team will work their magic and create your hand picked, custom scented candle!

REMEMBER! This is a one-of-a-kind scent that only you will have to enjoy. This scent will not be recreated for anyone else!

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