Valentine's Day

Reignite your love life. Light a flame and get cozy with your special someone as you enjoy a quiet evening enhanced with luscious fragrances from our handmade candles.

The Highly Requested LOVE SPELL is back!! Plus check out our other 4 Limited Edition Fragrances we know your heart will skip a beat for: Black Ocean, Dark Pomegranate,  Soft Cashmere and Sunny Citrus. 

Share your love for all your family & friends! Create a memorable experience with a DIY candle night. Get together with your sweetheart and have date night, or have a girls night in making candles and enjoy each other's company!

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Natural brownBlackWhite

1 Hole Cheese Mold Candle

$37.99 – $38.99
Natural brownBlackWhite

9 Wick Hand Poured Soy Candle

$106.99 – $108.99