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We are Alissa and Joe.

We are college sweethearts who have been married for over 27 years. We are parents of six amazing kids, and two great sons-in-law and grandparents to the cutest grandson. We love traveling and building memories with family and friends.

Fragrance has a way of taking us back to fond memories: feelings of love and acceptance sitting in grandma's kitchen, relaxing days of skiing at the lake, the excitement of dating that special someone for the first time. Scent somehow transports us back in time and lets us hold onto these moments a little longer.

Hive and Home began in 2020 by our founders Kati & Vernon. We honor their vision of filling homes with lasting memories and traditions as we bring clean, high quality products to you.

Bringing the special smells of summer, fall, Christmas, birthdays and celebrations is our mission as you fill your home with the scents that memories are made of.

All Of our candles are hand poured in Springville, UT. We lovingly mix our candles in small batches. All of our farmhouse dough bowls are hand carved in Ut and are made just to be dough bowls candles.

Unique to Hive and Home is the fact that we are able to guarantee your candle bowl will be consistent in shape and depth. Hive and Home bowls hold more wax than other candle bowls which equals a longer burn time.

Because our bowls are Made in the USA just for our company, we are able to add an extra step in the care and safety of your bowl. All of our dough bowls are treated with an eco-friendly water-based fire retardant.

Dough Bowl candles are safe, but just like all candles they do need to be burned properly. Hive & Home's mission is to have the best quality candles and products on the market. That is why we go above and beyond to make our candles the highest quality candle. That is why we use 100% soy and coconut wax and 100% cotton wicks. We also use fragrances that are clean and healthy to burn in your home.

We hope our candles help you and your family make many memories.

Hive & Home also designed Tiered Trays, Charcuterie Boards and may home décor items. These items will help you decorate your home so that is represents you and your family.

Questions? support@hiveandhomeshop.com

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