1 Hole Cheese Mold Hand Poured Soy Candle


Candles are hand poured at the time of your order. Candles take 3 business days to be made and cured. Please note at this time we are only shipping candle Monday-Wednesday to avoid candles sitting in trucks or warehouses over the weekend. We do look at weather in certain states such as Arizona. If weather is login to be extremely hot the week of your delivery we may hold your order to ship for a few days. We can not be responsible...


Candles are hand poured at the time of your order. Candles take 3 business days to be made and cured.

Please note at this time we are only shipping candle Monday-Wednesday to avoid candles sitting in trucks or warehouses over the weekend. We do look at weather in certain states such as Arizona. If weather is login to be extremely hot the week of your delivery we may hold your order to ship for a few days.

We can not be responsible for candles that melt from sitting outside or on a porch. Candles can melt quickly this time of year if left outside. Please watch your emails for delivery notifications. Your tracking number will be on that email. 

Please make not of this when ordering your candle. 

Cheese molds are a charming addition to any home. Timeless and classic, these candles will light up any room.

All of our bowls are hand carved and are made to look like the perfect rustic farmhouse bowl. Some bowls may have knots, holes, knife marks, minor cracks, or sap marks. These are a natural part of a bowl since our bowls are made from raw Spanish Oak wood. This makes each bowl unique with its own character. Size, color, and shape may vary.

Candles are made from 100% soy wax. Once you candle has burned down, simply refill with our candle refill kits so you can enjoy your candle all over again.

The one hole cheese mold is approximately 5.5" x 5.25" x 2.25" (this can vary due to the hand carved nature of the mold).



Amish Harvest- A warm and spicy blend with slightly buttery notes reminiscent of an autumn harvest celebration.

Apple Maple Bourbon- A fantastic fall fragrance of crisp apples, rich vanilla, and maple infused with bourbon.

Apricot Sandalwood- Light, woodsy undertones of sandalwood mixed with a light fragrance of honey and tonka bean give this candle that perfect spring feel. Top notes of fresh crisp apricots blend beautifully with the sandalwood for a perfect marriage of fresh and earthy.

Baked Pear- Delicious pears enhanced with cinnamon and spices for a rich, warm fragrance.

Beautiful Day - Fruity top notes of apple, peach and pear with floral middle notes of jasmine and lily and soft musky and slightly woody bottom notes.

Birthday Cake- A great cake scent with an undertone of sweet vanilla.

Blueberry Cheesecake- An inviting aroma of rich vanilla cheesecake and mouthwatering blueberries.

Chocolate Chip Cookie- Smells like you just removed the cookies from the oven. 

Citronella - Great for picnics, campsites, and backyard barbecues. This green and herbal scent is both refreshing and functional to keep insects away. Smells of lemon peel, lemongrass and camphor.

Citrus Bliss- A beautiful bold mix of satsuma orange, lime, and mango. A perfect twisted citrus scent.

Coastal Hydrangea Top notes of rose and jasmine, boosted by leaf green and citrus. Middle notes with dry, woody, and ambergris.

Coconut Lime Verbena- A creamy blend of coconut and tangy lime with hints of verbena and vanilla.

Coconut Milk and Mango - A breezy tropical blend of fresh juicy mango and rich creamy coconut milk. Orange and Pineapple top notes meld with ripe mango and a touch of peach. Coconut milk and sugar base notes round out this lush, luxurious fruit medley.

Dole Whip Type-  Juicy pineapple, light vanilla and a hint of strawberry.  This smells just like our favorite magical treat.

Farmhouse- A warm and cozy blend with spicy cinnamon and bold spices like cloves and allspice.

Fresh Baked Apple Pie- The nice aroma of a hot apple pie baking in the oven, just like mom used to make. 

Fresh Linen- Reminds you of fresh sheets out of the dryer. 

Georgia Peach- The aroma of a ripe and juicy Georgia peach.

Grapefruit & Mangosteen- A true-to-life blend of ripe, tangy grapefruit and mangosteen - an exotic fruit that is citrusy and sweet with a hint of peach. The grapefruit dominates with its sharp and punchy citrus notes.

Hive Exclusive- Similar to Volcano by Capri. But honestly, we like it even more. With the fresh scents of grapefruit, mangosteen, and goji berry, these added scents remind you of Volcano but added undertones of coconut make this scent a one in a million. 

Lavender Cucumber & Sage- An exotic blend of lavender, fresh cucumbers, and soothing sage.

Lemon Pound Cake- Smells right out of the oven and bakery fresh while dripping with buttery lemon aromas. If you are a lemon lover, this scent is for you!

Lightly Scented- For our customers who want a very light scent, this is the perfect blend for someone who prefers unscented. We have taken a small amount of the most popular fall scent Apple Maple Bourbon and added just a small amount to our popular unscented wax. This creates a very light scent of fresh apples and bourbon. 

Lime Margarita- Just like your favorite drink. Imagine you are on a beach enjoy a relaxing cool drink. Bold lime with undertones of sea sale, orange and ozone make this a perfect summer blend.

Magnolia and Peony- The complex floral powerhouse you’ve been waiting for. Delicate yet satisfyingly bold, this fragrance captures spring at the peak of its blossoming glory with its marriage of magnolia, peony, and freesia. Base notes of powder and wood wrap up this complex bouquet with a clean, graceful finish.

Maple Syrup Waffles- The fabulously sugary sweet aroma of fresh maple syrup poured over warm waffles.

Mountain Retreat- Enjoy the fresh fragrance of pine and sage. This scent evokes memories of family camping trips. With just the right touch of pomegranate undertones, this fragrance will be a favorite. 

Night Cap- The sweet aroma of cherry cognac, cream and white chocolate. Smells divine.

Paradise- A mix of pineapple, mango, coconut, and strawberry. Just like your favorite Caribbean drink.

Peach Cobbler- Sweet peaches with a hint of spice and rich sweet cream.

Sandalwood Honey - A beautiful blend of sandalwood, honey, tonka bean, and a touch of citrus.

Sea Salt & Orchid- A smooth and elegant blend of soft floral notes with salty highlights. You’ll notice crisp notes of sea salt right away.

Spring Lemon- Fresh bright lemon with the perfect blend of rosemary and sage. This is one of the freshest most bright fragrances you will smell.

Sweet Tobacco- Subtly soft and slightly smoky, its hint of orange adds a nice lift to the tobacco leaf. Warm tones of oak and patchouli create dimension for the blend with a finish of sugary caramel to balance out the earthy tones.

Unscented- 100% pure soy unscented wax. We mix and pour the unscented wax in separate containers than our scented waxes. However, soy wax does have a slight natural bit of sweetness to it that is different than other waxes.

Volcano Breeze (Capri Type)- A delightful blend of tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons, and limes with hints of exotic tropical florals and mountain greens.

Warm Sugar Vanilla- A yummy combination of sweet brown sugar and buttery vanilla.


Customer Reviews

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Gerry Harwick
Love the look!

The three candle set looks great on my table as a centerpiece. Scent is very light and refreshing. I’m sure to buy again

Donna Torres
1 Hole Cheese Mold Hand Poured Soy Candle

Way nicer than I expected! Absolutely beautiful wood, the scent was exactly as I imagined and even my husband was impressed! Well made and burns nicely!

Linda Pittman
One Hole Cheese Mold Candle

As soon as I opened the box the smell was AMAZING. I love this candle and look forward to ordering more. This would make a wonderful gift
For anyone.

Nicole Savage

I am so excited to have found this company. The candles smell amazing and they are so beautiful. I have bought several more to give as gifts. You can’t go wrong with these as a perfect gift for just about anything. 🌺

Elizabeth Wilson
1 Hole Cheese Mold Hand Poured Soy Candle

Love my new candle! The size is just right and I love how it smells. Thanks!