Adorable Soft Dolls 6 Styles

  • $24.99

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Every little girl needs her own super soft special friend. When we saw these, we instantly fell in love with them and so did our granddaughter.

Cotton Superhero Girl Doll:

  • Every girl needs her own superhero doll
  • These are soft and cuddly, not made of hard plastic, and are absolutely darling
  • Girls everywhere can now play with superheroes and look cute doing it
  • 3-1/2" L x 12-1/2" H

Fabric Doll w/ Reversible Dress:

  • 2 Styles
  • Reversible dresses can keep you occupied for hours
  • These dolls are absolutely adorable
  • 3" L x 14" H

Linen Cotton Elephant in Dress:

  • Snuggly and soft elephants
  • Everyone needs a little elephant friend
  • 2 Colors
  • 3-1/2" L x 13" H 

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