Baby Blush -Limited Time Summer Color

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Candles are made and poured for you at the time of your order. Candles can take up to 5 business days to make.

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 Candles are made of 100% soy wax and made with the highest quality of fragrances. Each dough bowl is hand-carved and has its own unique characteristics. All candles are hand-poured just for you. You can now have your favorite style of candle in our new summer colors! Please see the fragrance descriptions below.

Baby Blush- Isn't this pink perfect! I love how neutral this pink is. Just the most beautiful pink that isn't over the top.

Fragrance Description

Autumn- Exclusive Scent Designed just for Lynzy @lynzyandco. Her scent is absolutely amazing and the perfect scent for Autumn. A yummy pear base with notes of McIntosh Apples, cinnamon, all spice, and a top note of bourbon and caramelized brown sugar. 

Apple Maple Bourbon- A fantastic fall fragrance of crisp apples, rich vanilla and maple infused with bourbon.

Baked Pear- Delicious pears, enhanced with cinnamon and spices for a rich, warm fragrance.

Banana Pudding- Wonderful aroma of creamy banana pudding with vanilla wafers and a meringue topping.  

Birthday Cake- A great cake scent with an undertone of sweet vanilla.

Black Raspberry- A luscious blend of raspberries and vanilla. 

Blueberry Cheesecake-An inviting aroma of rich vanilla cheesecake and mouth watering blueberries.

Brown Sugar Fig- Sweet Fig mixed with rich brown sugar with the perfect touch of cinnamon and brown sugar. 

Buttered Rum-A rich, strong warm drink flavored with rum, heavy vanilla, and butterscotch.

Butterscotch Brulee- A very rich butterscotch fragrance with a baking undertone. Simply delicious! 

Cherry Pomegranate- A luscious blend of cherries with sweet pomegranate.

Chocolate Chip Cookie- Smells like you just removed the cookies from the oven. 

Citrus Bliss- A fresh, traditional citrus scent that is bright, clean and refreshing.

Coconut Lime Verbena-

A creamy blend of coconut, tangy lime with hints of verbena, vanilla.

Dreamcicle- Smells just like the Popsicle™ Dreamsicle you remember as a child. A rich, delicious creamy mixture of vanilla and citrus.

Fall Festival-A yummy fall fragrance that is reminiscent of hayrides, pumpkin patches,  and all things fall.

Farmhouse- Warm and cozy blend with spicy cinnamon and bold spices.

Fresh Baked Apple Pie- A nice aroma of hot apple pie baking in the oven. Just like mom used to make. 

Fresh Linen- Will remind you of fresh sheets out of the dryer.

Fresh Raspberry- A sweet, succulent fruit picked fresh from the bush.

Fruit Loops- Smells just like you opened the box of Fruit Loops. 

Fruity Pebbles- Crisp lemon and berry…smells like you need a bowl. 

Georgia Peach- The aroma of a ripe, juicy, Georgia peach.

Grandmas House- A baking fragrance of spiced cookies and other spices and fruits.  

Gummy Bears- Just open up the bag and take a deep breath… 

Jolly Ranchers- Sweet, sugary blend of fruits…similar to a flavorful bag of jolly ranchers.

Key Lime Pie- Cool and refreshing key lime, vanilla whipped cream and a graham cracker crust.

Lavender Cucumber & Sage- An exotic blend of lavender, fresh cucumbers and soothing sage.

Lemon Pound Cake- Right out of the oven, bakery fresh and dripping with buttery, lemon aromas if you are a lemon lover this scent is for you!

Mango Paradise- Fresh crisp sparkling mango with hints of pear, peach, grapefruit & orange. 

Maple Syrup Pancakes- The fabulously sugar sweet aroma of fresh maple syrup poured don warm pancakes.

Monkey Paradise- A unique blend of bananas, coconut, mango, and vanilla.

Night Cap- The sweet aroma of fuit, cream and white chocolate. Smells divine.

Orange Spice- Juicy orange mingled with cinnamon and some other sweet spices.

Paradise- This alluring fragrance is a sparkling blend of fresh star fruit, frangipani, and water lily drenched in coconut and white musk. This is similar to the Bath & Body Works fragrance. 

Peach Cobbler- Sweet peaches, a hint of spice and rich sweet cream.

Pineapple Paradise- The tropical fresh scent of sweet pineapples with light vanilla notes.

Sea Salt- Aquatic florals and sea moss mix with dewy green notes on a base of wood and musk to create an exemplary oceanic fragrance.

Starbucks Caramel Macchiato- A wonderful blend of Starbucks Coffee covered in a fabulous caramel topping.

Strawberry & Cream- Strawberries mixed with delicious sweet cream. 

Volcano Breeze (Capri Type)- A delightful blend of tropical fruits and sugared oranges, lemons and limes with hints of exotic tropical florals and mountain greens.

Warm Sugar Vanilla- A yummy combination of sweet brown sugar, buttery vanilla. 

Color Descriptions

Ocean Mist -The perfect mix of sea green and teal. Cool enough to brighten any space, but neutral enough to go in any room

Blessed Blue- The name says it all. We we're blessed to find such a perfect blue. Hints of gray mixed with the perfect blue. This blue is lovely.

Spun Honey- oh this yellow is divine. Rich yellow tones whipped with the neutral color of honey.  This candle will warm up any room.

Baby Blush- Isn't this pink perfect! I love how neutral this pink is. Just the most beautiful pink that isn't over the top.

Thunder Blue- Just like the thunder storms in the summer, this blue is rich with teal undertones. 

Grace Gray- This warm gray with a hint of silver is beautiful with wood underneath. What I love about this gray isn't that isn't cold. We love this gray.

Georgia Coral- Georgia peach color mixed with a perfect coral. Mix these two together and it is gorgeous. 

Purple Cow- Do you remember sitting on the porch drinking purple cows. Vanilla ice cream mixed with grape juice was such a summer delight.  

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