Summer Fragrance 3 Wick Candle

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Now you can have your favorite style of candle in our summer colors!

Candles are approximately 6x9. Candles are made of 100% soy wax and made with the highest quality of fragrances.  

Each bowl is hand carved and will have unique characteristics.  We loving hand pour each candle so it is made just for you.

Ocean Mist -The perfect mix of sea green and teal. Cool enough to brighten any space, but neutral enough to go in any room

Blessed Blue- The name says it all. We we're blessed to find such a perfect blue. Hints of gray mixed with the perfect blue. This blue is lovely.

Spun Honey- oh this yellow is divine. Rich yellow tones whipped with the neutral color of honey.  This candle will warm up any room.

Baby Blush- Isn't this pink perfect! I love how neautral this pink is. Just the most beautiful pink that isn't over the top.

Thunder Blue- Just like the thunder storms in the summer, this blue is rich with teal undertones. 

Grace Gray- This warm gray with a hint of silver is beautiful with wood underneath. What I love about this gray isn't that isn't cold. We love this gray.

Georgia Coral- Georgia peach color mixed with a perfect coral. Mix these two together and it is gorgeous. 

Purple Cow- Do you remeber sitting on the porch drinking purple cows. Vanilla ice cream mixed with grape juice was such a summer delight.