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What if you could record the most important moments of your family's day in less than 10 minutes.

Especially Right Now with how different the world is, it is important to check on with your family every day.

Highs & Lows Journal is a family tradition that will be treasured in your home for generations. This journal will record your family's highlights and thoughts as they answer their Highs and Lows of the day.

By asking your family members their Highs & Lows you will open meaningful and engaging conversations. Highs & Lows will even get the quietest teenager to open up and share about their day.  

Many families use the journal daily at dinnertime or bedtime. Some families use their journal during Sunday dinner or special occasions. Whenever you choose your, we know that Highs & Lows will become a cherished family tradition. 

Creating Memories Through Conversation and Imagination

The Question of the day was our children's highlight. After asking your family their Highs & Lows watch their faces light up as you ask them a new question each day.  From lighthearted questions like, "What is your superhero name?" too, "If you could travel  back in time, who is the one person you would like to meet?" These questions will open up hours of conversations and leave the whole table laughing and learning about each other.  

Heirloom Quality Journals are beautiful and durable.  The rich fabric and gold stamped cover give your journal a timeless look. Inside your journal you will find a heavy cream paper lined with beautiful gold ink. Your journal has been designed to be timeless while allowing your whole family young and old to use the journal daily. Your journal will soon be filled with your families Highs & Lows and The Question of the Day

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